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WPA Streets Infiltration
Site 01
  S. Hermitage Ave (W. 58th St - 210' S.)
Site 02
  W. 62nd St (S. Hoyne Ave - S. Seeley Ave)
Site 03
  W. 91st St (S. Normal Ave - S. Eggleston Ave)
Site 04
 W. 92nd St (S. Normal Ave - S. Eggleston Ave)
Site 05
 W. 93rd St (S. Normal Ave - S. Eggleston Ave)
Site 06
 W. 94th St (S. Normal Ave - S. Eggleston Ave)
Site 07
 W. 93rd St (S. Wentworth Ave - S. La Salle St)
Site 08
 E. 80th St (S. University Ave - S. Woodlawn Ave)
Site 09
S. St. Lawrence Ave (E. 84th St - E. 83rd St)
Site 10
 E. 86th St (S. St. Lawrence Ave - S. Champlain Ave)
Site 11
E. 94th St (S. Woodlawn Ave - S. Kimbark Ave)
Site 12
 E. 88th St (S. Burley Ave - S. Mackinaw Ave)
Site 13
 W. 122nd St (S. Bishop St - S. Loomis St)

Scope of Work

- Catch basin installation

- Concrete collar connection installation

- Curb restoration

- Drain connection installation

- Ductile iron pipe sewer installation

- Engineered soil for infiltration swales installation

- Excavation backfilling & compaction

- Existing sewer abandonment / capping

- Existing water main abandonment & capping

- Grading

- Landscaped area restoration

- Manhole installation

- Pavement restoration

- Pervious concrete pavement installation

- Pervious hot-mix asphalt installation

- Roadway reconstruction

- Seed mix for infiltration swales installation

- Traffic control & protection

- Trenching

- Walkway restoration

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